About Apprendly

Our mission is to make game design and real-time 3D simulation accessible to all

Apprendly was established in 2019 and went live with Apprendly.com as a game creation platform in June 2021.
We are a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural team of 6, whom all share a passion for technology, games, teaching and learning new skills. We are located around Europe, with our headquarters in Asker, outside Oslo in Norway.
Our Story

A dash of passion
and the love for

Apprendly's story goes all the way back to 2011 when the founders Morten and Anders started collaborating. In 2014 they founded Savant, a digital agency based in Norway.

In this period they discovered the power of learning games while working on a project for retailers in Norway: a learning game that skyrocketed user completion to over 80 000 learners graduating.

For over 10 years the focus has been on usability, accessibility and democratizing complex technology.

Apprendly was born in 2019 to meet the emerging need to deliver captivating 3D content to a broad audience by making everyone capable of creating games, without prior knowledge.

We are content creators for the evolution of the web. With Apprendly true democratization of the 3D web is possible.
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Sales expert / CSO

Asker, Norway

Learning Experience Designer

Asker, Norway

Infra engineer for cloud gaming

Asker, Norway