August 18, 2023

Fantastic New Features within the Next-Gen Learning Games Launched by Apprendly

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The future of education is poised for transformation through unique experiences. Imagine engaging in natural dialogues with your personal digital instructor, embodied in a realistic 3D representation, honed by a great deal of knowledge that encompasses the entire organization.

Fantastic new features

The realm of 3D gaming and simulations is on the cusp of redefining numerous emerging industries. Gaming technology has already found utility in film, fashion, and automotive sectors. The 3D medium affords a different avenue to craft truly lifelike experiences. One of these is reflected by the AI-generated dialogues. With a short description of what you want, an entire branch of dialogues, including neutral, good, bad and great are set up automatically. This is a feature that is only available to beta customers for now. It saves you time and energy when you already have a busy day. Just like magic.

Another practical feature Apprendly has developed is the dialogue editor on the web. What does this imply? It means that you no longer need to download the Creator in order to change or update your dialogues, this can now be carried out in your browser, making your job smoother by enabling changes on the go. Easier, impossible to think!

Human AI characters represent a third feature we launched that needs some bragging. You can now use human characters as AI-driven characters for unscripted games. This increases the realism and the user engagement within the learning process. Learning efficiency is now guaranteed!

Voice enabling is much easier now. A new batch generation of text-to-speech makes it much smoother to create voice audio for an entire dialogue. This supports the Apprendly ease of use mission and makes it more attractive to the user when the characters have lives and real voices. Just imagine your real HR colleague giving you practical instructions about onboarding instead of a voice you do not recognize!

Analytics that provide you with exactly the data you need about your learners. You can now see statistics all the way down to the playthrough level and check exactly how the games are being played. This enhanced feature provides you with really accurate data about the entire organization, no more assumptions to be made!

Last but not least, counting on a custom text on the end screen, makes your learning journey more adapted to your needs. Set exactly what you want to be displayed: an on-brand encouragement text to keep your learners up to speed and the whole learning experience in line with your company philosophy!

By leveraging AI, Apprendly custom tailors each learning journey to the individual learner. Milestones are established along the path, while the unfolding scenarios bestow fresh experiences on every occasion. Apprendly's technology is architected with adaptability and swift integration in mind.

Interacting with AI personas becomes as intuitive as conversing with a regular person — whether through voice or text — eliciting responses laden with the persona's knowledge, disposition, and objectives. The advantage lies in the capacity to simulate diverse training scenarios with remarkable fidelity and realism, rendering each user a personal tutor. Moreover, the platform imbibes insights from your training methodology, effectively crafting a bespoke curriculum and company branding. This offers an edge over consistent trainees and even those who come after. Simply fantastic!

“This way of training and the new features we have now added into our software captivate learners and propel them swiftly from knowledge to proficiency", mentions the Apprendly CEO, Morten Zetlitz.

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Raluca-Mihaela Keeling
Marketing Director
Raluca is the Marketing Director at Apprendly. She is a passionate marketing specialist, with communication and language skills at her back. She loves writing, teaching, and investigating about innovative learning techniques. In her free time you might find her dressed like in the 20’s, dancing the dances of those times.
Morten Zetlitz
CEO & co-founder
Morten is the working CEO at Apprendly. He is an experienced designer with a passion for aesthetics and user friendliness. Morten spends his time exploring digital art, technology and the nature while hiking. You can of course find him playing games quite often as well, especially strategy and roleplay games.