June 6, 2023

Next Generation Learning: Apprendly Launches Conversational AI Games

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During Startup Extreme in April, Apprendly launched learning experiences that bridge the gap between traditional e-learning and the future of learning. Last fall, Apprendly presented its technology to a number of investors in Silicon Valley.

"We see that there is significant interest in our solution’s potential for training purposes. Apprendly aims to expand its reach to a wider customer base who are eager to utilize this technology." says CEO of Apprendly, Morten Zetlitz.

Surprisingly effective

3D games and simulations are expected to become increasingly prevalent in various emerging industries. Gaming technology has already made significant contributions to sectors such as film, fashion and automotive. The use of 3D offers a distinctive opportunity to create lifelike experiences.

Through the implementation of AI, Apprendly customizes every learning experience to cater specifically to the learner. As you progress, you have the ability to establish goals, while the unfolding scenarios present fresh experiences with each iteration.

You can engage in conversations with AI characters just as you would with a real person, using either voice or text. The characters possess specific knowledge, personalities and goals and respond accordingly. One major benefit is the ability to simulate lifelike training scenarios, with high realism, providing each individual with their own personal tutor. Moreover, the platform learns from your training style, which makes for a tailor-made program that adapts to your needs almost by itself. This gives an advantage to those who train regularly, but also offers benefits to those who train subsequently. 

"We go from experiences that rely heavily on the author to an assisted experience where the learning designer sets goals, builds character profiles, and defines different requirements. With the help of Apprendly, all the complex work is taken care of through a few simple touches. The training method is immersive and effectively guides employees from knowledge acquisition to skills development." - says Zetlitz.

Not ChatGPT

The adoption of ChatGPT has skyrocketed, establishing its dominance in the market. However, the landscape can swiftly shift due to evolving regulations. An imminent challenge to the early adoption of AI lies in the dependence on one company or technology that is susceptible to regulation.

Apprendly's technology is built with rapid change and adoption in mind.

"We remain flexible and we constantly evaluate advancements in the field. This allows us to adapt and make necessary changes fast, ensuring our users always receive solutions that align with privacy regulations," says Apprendly CTO Anders Heivoll.

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Anders Heivoll
CTO & co-founder
Anders Heivoll is the CTO and co-founder of Apprendly. Anders is a skilled web developer, who studied computing at Kent University. He created his first website at the age of 12 and started his first company when he was 18. In his free time you might find him learning new languages, playing the guitar and …Age of Empires 2. He recharges his batteries through hiking, running, and exploring nature.
Morten Zetlitz
CEO & co-founder
Morten is the working CEO at Apprendly. He is an experienced designer with a passion for aesthetics and user friendliness. Morten spends his time exploring digital art, technology and the nature while hiking. You can of course find him playing games quite often as well, especially strategy and roleplay games.