Creating a new game


To create a new game, you start by clicking on the Create new game button.

This will open up a view where you can create a game from a template or from scratch.

In this tutorial, we will create a new game from scratch. Click the Create empty game button.

You will be welcomed by this view.

Here you can set the name of your game, the language, the type of end screen you want, the goals for the game, and if it is a part of a playlist or not.


Set a name for your game. This is the name that will be displayed in Creator when you open it and will be the name that contains all the Scenes in your game. We'll come back to what Scenes mean in just a bit.


Your preferred game language. This will change the overall language of buttons in the game that the players will see.

End screen type

This will change what players will see after they complete the game. There are three types of game end screens: Goal Bars, Checkmarks, and Highscore.

Goal Bars display a bar with your set goals and how far away you are from reaching them.

Checkmarks display your goals in a grid list and show if you managed to reach the goals or not by having a green check mark or a red question mark on them.

Highscore shows your highscore under another user's highest score. It also picks out a character from your level to show next to the Highscore window.

You can set up Goals for your games by clicking the Goals button.

Here you set the name of your goal, and the points you want the players to reach (and can be displayed in the End screen type. Also, write a description so players who take the game can understand how to reach the goal if they fail. Next to Target points, you can also set if you want the goal to be a required goal to finish the game or not.

In the end, there is something called Playlist. This is used to bind games together where you want to have an end screen in each game instead of just jumping to the next scene.

Now click on Save changes and you've created your first game! In the next part, we will go through how to set up a Scene.

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