Creating a scene

The Scene manager.

This is where you set up the Scenes for your games. A Scene is a part of your game. You can have one game be many scenes to make it easier to create bigger games. Between Scenes, you can also have messages that come up explaining a story, concept, or goal.

Click on Create new scene.

On the top, if this new window you have the navigation. Here you can move back to the earlier stages of the creation process.

First, you have to name your scene and select a map you want to use for the game you want to create. Now you can choose a time of day that fits the setting you want to make.

Game mode (controls) is where you set how you want your game to play. You can choose between three options; Cinematic Dialogue, First Person, or Interact.

Cinematic Dialogue is what you want to use if you don't want the player to be able to interact with objects/people/things in the game world. This is a good option for telling a story.

First Person is used if you want the player to be able to walk around your game to play it. This is a good option for creating a game where the player can explore, but can be difficult to use for people who are not used to playing games.

Interact is what you want if you want the player to not be able to walk around, but still, be able to click things around in the world. This is a good option if you want to create an interactive story or a fast-paced game.

Underneath this option you have Are dialogues skippable. If you turn this on, players will be able to tap their phone screen/click their computer screen to continue the dialogue.

Background sound is the sound you want to be in the background of your game. This can be changed while playing the game with an Action.

You can also set a Start message to appear when the player first enters your game.

Title is where you set the top text of your message.

Message is the plain text you want to display. This is the main message.

Button Text is what is displayed on the button the players have to click on to start the game.

When set up, it can look something like this:

If you do not write anything in Start message, there will not be any message at the start of the game, and the players can start to play right away.

You can also set a Start message sound if you would like some audio that is not the Background sound to be played at the start of your game.

Now you can save the Scene you've created by clicking Save changes.

Your Scene will appear in the Scene manager like this:

There are now some buttons on the Scene you created.

The first one is Play which is used when you want to play that specific Scene straight away.

The second button is Edit and is used when you want to edit that specific Scene.

The third button is Settings and is used when you want to edit the Settings of your Scene.

The fourth button is Duplicate which you can use to make a duplication of your current Scene. This is good to use if you want to test something out without breaking anything you've already made.

The last, and fifth button is the Delete button. This removes the Scene from the Scene manager.

To start building your first Scene click on Edit.

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