Game Objects - are all objects that can be placed in creator by the user.

All available Game Objects can be selected from the Palette.

They are split into handy categories: Basics, World, People, Effects. Some categories may have subcategories.

To place a Game Object just click on the icon of the selected object and it will appear near your mouse cursor.

Then place the object into the world by pressing the left .

Rotation Gizmo will appear on the object. It can be used to rotate the object in any axis. Simply hover mouse cursor over Gizmo line and drag it with LMB pressed.

Game Objects can also be moved by Translation Gizmo. To switch your Gizmo to translation mode press T or use Editor quick settings panel. Switching back to Rotation Gizmo is done by pressing R key.

Translation Gizmo works exactly the same, just press LMB on any Gizmo arrow and drag it while holding LMB pressed.

By default all Gizmo operations are snapped to a grid. To enable more precise and smooth change hold Left Shift during dragging Gizmo.

Every placed Game Object also appears in the World Outliner.

Yellow outline around Game Object and black highlight in World Outliner means that the object is selected. We can Deselect it by using RMB anywhere on the screen. To select any object click it in the Scene or in the World Outliner.  

When an object is selected it's Details Panel appears. On the Details Panel you can adjust all settings related to this object. For example clothes on Actors, image settings for Image Object, etc. Here you can also open Dialogue Editor for selected object by pressing "Add dialogue" button.

Most settings on Details Panel are individual for each Game Object type, but some are common for almost all Game Objects.

Reset Rotation - resets object's rotation to the default (like placed straight from the Palette)

Hide Object - Make object invisible for the user in Play Mode. Hidden objects in Creator are marked with yellow transparent color.

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