Publishing your game

Publishing a game is very easy!

When you are in your Scene, in the Editor Toolbar, at the top of your Scene, there is a button called Publish.

After you click this button, a browser window will be opened for the Apprendly Dashboard. If you have Creator running in full screen, you may need to switch to your browser manually.

There are two formats when publishing: Embed and Demo.

Demo is what you want to use to test out your game, and get a link you can send to others for testing.

Embed is used for adding your game to an LMS, a website, or other systems.

Creating a demo

Demo name is where you set the name of your demo. This will be displayed above the game window when playing it.

Valid until is how long you want the generated link to last.

You will see a text under the Create demo button that tells you the demo is created with a link at the end. Copy this link and save it somewhere so you don't lose it. Paste the link in the web browser of your choice to play the game through streaming.

You have successfully published your game!

Create an embed

Creating an embed is as simple as selecting the format Embed and selecting the format for Embed and then the system you are targeting, as well as an expiration date. However, the exact way of implementing it in your system may vary - especially if you are integrating it into a custom system.

For the more advanced use cases, check out our integration docs here: Apprendly Integration docs

NB! Don't see your system in the list? Contact us! We do support all LMS systems, including using Scorm, xAPI, and iframes.
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