Integrating Apprendly

So easy to add to your system, it's ridiculous

Easy integration into any system or website is at the core of the Apprendly product. Supporting all the normal standards (Scorm, xAPI, iframe, etc), you can have 3D simulations and games as part of your LMS in just a couple of minutes. Results and statistics can be read from your own system or in Apprendly's own statistics dashboard.

No download or installation means that your learners can play the Apprendly games without bothering IT services, and no matter which device they have - as long as it's connected to the internet. Outdated office PCs or an old Android phone? No problem!

Frequently asked questions - integration

How long does it take to integrate Apprendly into my system?

Normally, no longer than 5 minutes, testing included.

Of course, this depends on whether you want some custom functionality or if your system is difficult to work with, but the publishing from Apprendly is done with a few clicks.

Which systems are supported (LMS/LXP/CMS)?

All of them! Your system just needs to support either Scorm, xAPI, iframe/JavaScript, or simply links (so you can link to Apprendly's game pages).

Which devices are supported (mobile, tablet, PC/Mac)?

All devices with an internet connection and a reasonably up-to-date browser should work. Older devices will still enjoy the full 3D graphics.

We test mainly on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhones and iPads, but we know that the games also works on Linux, Android tablets and even Tesla screens.

Which browsers can I use?

We test the experience on Chrome, Safari and Edge. Other browsers (e.g. Firefox, Brave, Opera, etc) work fine, but are not optimized.

Can I get progress and statistics in my own system?

Yes. We support Scorm and xAPI out of the box to get tracking of how your players are doing, and we also have a JavaScript API you can use to set up your own, custom tracking.We also track everything done in the games into our own system, so you can browse detailed analytics through the Apprendly Dashboard.

Is learner data stored on your platform?

We only store the data you want us to, you choose this yourself when integrating. Want to keep all learners anonymous? Absolutely fine.

In order to use features like highscore lists and deep-dives into the specific learners' progress and choices, we recommend sharing first name and last name.

We also do store some technical data regarding device, etc. for statistical and diagnostics reasons.

If users are anonymous, can you not track their progression?

Yes, you can. You will still send an anonymized, unique ID that can be used to recognize the user - as long as you're using Scorm, xAPI or JavaScript for the integration.

Do users need to log in?

Not to play the games. We don't require learners to have their own Apprendly accounts, to make things easier for everyone.

Where is the data stored?

All user data is stored in Ireland.

Do you have an API for integration?

Yes. We offer a JavaScript API that can be used for embedding the games, and also for receiving notifications when something happens within the games. Contact us for more information and documentation.

Which requirements do you have for network, etc?

The network/firewall needs to allow WebRTC connections (same technology used e.g. in Google Hangouts), and WebSocket connections on port 443. Almost all networks already allow this.

What is the data usage?

We stream the games as a 720p video stream with varying bitrate. The data usage is about the same as watching a YouTube video, so be advised that it's best to do when connected to WiFi or on an unlimited data plan.