The Apprendly Interview Games

Did you know that recruiting, interviewing and talent management skills are at the top of the learning list in 2023?

According to the Great Resignation or the Great ReShuffle phenomenon, the current movement in the global labour market has made talent sourcing a top challenge for the HR departments:

The Great Resignation Becomes The Great ReShuffle: What Employers Can Do To Retain Workers (

That is why it is crucial to constantly train the HR team to be able to identify, invest in strong candidates and retain talent.

You can now tailor meaningful and personalized courses that address relevant HR topics only with the platform, so that your HR team can:

  • Attract and retain top talent.
  • Lead the company's culture and develop its people strategy.
  • Send a powerful message to the rest of the organization that ongoing training is essential.
  • Elevate people management, by developing a harmonious mix of hard and soft skills.
  • Become better listeners and teach the organization how to listen.
  • Cultivate a non-judgemental listening approach.
  • Look out easier for nonverbal clues.
  • Be on top of their game, and grow in line with industry developments.

Train your HR team to become the best in recruiting, keeping the talent and fostering a positive culture!