Securitas is the next training success story

Together we can make the world
a safer place!

share your goal of making the world a safer place! That’s why we want to contribute to this safety journey and upskill your people on how to react under critical conditions, where their fast reaction is needed. 

For that, we create immersive 3D games that educate, change behaviour, bring confidence and peace of mind. It’s fun, its easy, it's safe! Because we believe in safety first.

Together we can create a safer world. Let's join hands!

Apprendly provides high-quality and fast-paced training based on simulation, that improves employees' skills and efficiency when it comes to real incidents.

That's why Apprendly fits you

We know that educating your people on how to react in emergency situations is key to important transformation and success. We can now tailor that training to your needs, in a fun, interactive and time-saving way!

You can teach your people how to react, communicate, and report correctly under different safety circumstances in only 3 minutes! We create personalized bite-sized courses that captivate the learner, close knowledge gaps and change behaviour. All successful organizational journeys start with active training implementation. 

Here are our thoughts on the types of 3D training we could shape for Securitas:

  • Fun mini-games to create engagement and awareness about the importance of mastering first aid techniques. On top of that, you will compete with your colleagues to become the first aid hero! Full motivation!
  • Quick and engaging games about how to prevent external conflicts through mastering the arts of successful communication. Games will replace your manuals and long-hour reads. Time efficiency!
  • Safety and recycling games that prevent accidents amongst the employees and educate the overall organization about the importance of recycling and keeping an open eye on our surroundings. Prevent today, and save resources tomorrow!

How will you know that your learners are on track?

Through deep learning analytics. Yes, we love to materialize fun learning into progress and real behaviour change!

You will get the best learning data while your learners progress, helping you understand where the knowledge gaps are, how to mitigate them, and who your superheroes are.

PS: no special equipment is required - any device works when it comes to the Apprendly 3D games for learning. ;)

Here's what we developed together with Franzefoss to raise awareness on recycling:

Let's transform immersive training into active behaviour change!

Let's turn complex challenges into 3D fun solutions!

Let's provide safety and peace of mind. Together. Fast.

Training that helps your employees master excellent communication techniques can appease conflicts efficiently

Training can happen at your own pace and from your favourite device.

Deep learning analytics show how the users perform throughout their learning journey.

Scores, completion time, practical tips motivate and engage the learner.