Tomra is the next training success story

Yes, we are ready to join
the Resource Revolution!

We share your goal of accelerating solutions to the climate crisis and circular economy before it’s too late! That’s why we want to help you close the recycling loop and educate your collaborators on how to contribute to that mission actively. 

For that, we create immersive 3D games that educate, change behavior, and close the recycling loop. It’s fun, its easy!

Together we can enable a world without waste. Yes!

There is no time to waste. There is no waste to waste. All the resources must be part of the use and reuse chain! You believe in time optimization, efficiency and safety. We make it happen. Fast.

Educating your collaborators how to recycle correctly and use the reverse vending machines properly reduces the risks of potential incidents and contributes to a cleaner planet.

That's why Apprendly fits you

We know that educating your customers on how to efficiently use the Tomra reverse vending machines is key to this important transformation. We can now tailor that training to your needs, in a fun, interactive and time-saving way!

You can teach your collaborators how to safely use the Tomra equipment in only 3 minutes. This is the first step towards the transformation. All successful recycling journeys start with active training implementation. 

Here are our thoughts on the types of 3D training we could shape for Tomra:

  • Fun mini-games to create engagement and awareness around recycling and help you close the loop. On top of that, you will compete with your colleagues to become the recycling master! Full motivation!
  • Quick and engaging games to teach store employees how to correctly use the recycling machines. Games replace manuals and long-hour reads. Time efficiency!
  • Safety games that prevent accidents amongst the employees and quickly detect incidents with the recycling machines. Prevent today, and save resources tomorrow!

How will you know that your learners are on track?

Through deep learning analytics. Yes, we love to materialize fun learning into progress and real behaviour change!

You will get the best learning data while your learners progress, helping you understand where the knowledge gaps are, how to mitigate them, and who your superheroes are.

Here's what we developed together with Franzefoss to raise awareness on recycling:

Let's transform immersive training into active behaviour change!

Let's turn complex challenges into sustainable solutions!

Training can happen at your own pace and from your favourite device.

Training can take place anywhere, anytime. Pick your environment freely.

Deep learning analytics show how the users perform throughout their learning journey.

Scores, completion time, practical tips motivate and engage the learner.