You decide how you learn.

We believe in efficient learning for a fast-paced world.

The Apprendly Learning Suite

Creator Tool
Experience the thrill of crafting your own games, tailored to your imagination, using our vast collection of templates from the games catalogue. With Apprendly Creator, the possibilities are endless.

AI powered, user friendly and versatile. No coding skills required!
High Versatility
Apprendly is available with stunning graphics and the full experience, anywhere and on any device.

User friendly and personalized learning experience.

Embedded as easily as a YouTube video into your LMS system or website.
Turn Behaviour into Data
Games offer an unique opportunity to really see how your employees train; where they excel, where they go wrong, and enable you to optimize training methods for maximum effectiveness.

Apprendly gives a deep insight with custom analytics - and also shares data back to your LMS.
AI Superpowers
You can now easily chat with your own digital teacher in a lifelike 3D setting.

This teacher is equipped with spectacular AI knowledge, collected from all over the organization.

Skyrocketing training solutions for superheroes like you

Apprendly can be used for any training - but we already have games ready for a wide range of areas. All games can be adjusted, changed and branded to your liking.
Customer Service
First Aid
Customer Success
Cyber Security
Hospitality & Onboarding

Why opt for Apprendly vs. video-based training?

Why not video?
The Apprendly learning methodology helps you keep your content ever-green and save 500% post-production costs.

Besides that, who wants monologue-based learning anymore?
The future lies within bidirectional learning, where the users get to interact and learn by doing, while the platform learns from their behaviour.

Frequently asked questions - integration

Does Apprendly work with my system?

Yes, Apprendly works perfectly with any LMS and LXP.

Does Apprendly work with my current computer?

Yes, it works with any device: your phone, (old or new) computer, tablet and even on your car screen (when you're not driving!).

Does Apprendly tool support mobile phones learning?

Yes, Apprendly works on mobile phones, and not only - it works also on you PC or tablet

Does Apprendly work on my computer if it's a Mac?

Yes, Apprendly works on your computer, but also on your phone or tablet. On Mac or Microsoft, no problems at all - lay back and deploy your game without any concerns.

How many languages does Apprendly support?

Apprendly supports English, Norwegian and Spanish, but it would be no problem expanding to other languages.

Can I get my company's branding in the games?

Yes, it can be done. The Apprendly Creator makes it easy to add your own corporate touch in the games, such as logos, corporate unforms and a different branded accessories.

How do you know that games and simulation are better then my current solution?

First of all, game-based training is  interactive and fun, therefore people are not pushed to carry out the training, but they do it voluntarily, allocating entertainment to professional development, therefore it always leaves them wanting more. Secondly, by being interactive, you get the best analytics from playing, which provides relevant and valuable insights on the performance of the users.

Do I get any learning data with Apprendly?

Yes, absolutely. The Apprendly platform provides you with deep learning data, helping you understand where the knowledge gaps are and where the learners should improve their skills or need reinforcement.

Can users customize their learning experience?

Yes, Apprendly helps you have a customized and adapted experience in 2 ways: first of all, by providing an authoring tool that allows anybody in the organization to create personalized learning games, perfectly suitable for your users' capabilities. Secondly, by using an innovative platform that adapts the game's challenges to the learner's abilities. On top of that, Apprendly counts on deep learning data that reflects the progress of the users in real time and constantly learns from its users' behaviour.

How much does it cost?

It costs as much as creating a professional video, with the benefits of being able to modify and update the content any time and without any extra costs.

Does Apprendly have a cloud storage limit?

No, you can create as many learning games as you wish without any limitations.