April 5, 2023
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Raluca-Mihaela Keeling

Igniting Student Motivation through Immersive Simulations

OsloMet and Apprendly's Collaborative Leap into Active Simulation Learning

Starting to use simulations in universities is a groundbreaking initiative led by OsloMet and Apprendly. These simulations are designed to spark conversations, kindle motivation, and provide students with a hands-on learning experience that is both informative and enjoyable.


Although OsloMet's journey with simulations is just at its very beginning, early experiences have already showcased the incredible potential of this collaborative effort. Educators are witnessing a notable shift in student engagement by incorporating short digital simulations into their teaching methods.

When students are provided with the opportunity to explore real-life scenarios and experiment with solutions in a controlled environment, learning to tackle conflicts or difficult situations by practising them from a safe space, they become more enthusiastic about discussions and invested in their own learning journey.

One of the most remarkable findings from this collaboration has been the increase in student motivation. Students who participated in these simulations reported a newfound enthusiasm for class discussions and a heightened desire to deepen their understanding of the subject matter, boosting their motivation for learning in general. In essence, OsloMet's foray into active simulations is transforming the once elusive students’ involvement into a chorus of eager voices ready to engage in meaningful conversations and debates.

The advantages of these simulations extend beyond just invigorating classroom discussions. They also promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deeper understanding of complex topics. By immersing students in simulated scenarios, educators can effectively bridge the gap between theory and application, nurturing their knowledge and practical skills.

The power of simulation triggers motivation and openness when it comes to learning new concepts, connecting the students more profoundly with the learning process.
- Ellen Sethov, Assistant Professor at OsloMet.

Collaboration skills and teamwork are enhanced by practising them in a safe space.


Traditionally, Norwegian students have not been recognized for their avid participation in class discussions. The typical sight of educators struggling to draw students into conversations at the beginning of the semester is all too familiar. While traditional lectures may require less effort, the question arises: “Are they as exciting and effective?” Research suggests that active student engagement methods can significantly enhance the learning process, and OsloMet is on a mission to make learning more dynamic and participatory.


As OsloMet and Apprendly continue to refine and expand their repertoire of simulations, the possibilities shaped by the Apprendly platform are boundless. The collaborative spirit between these educational innovators is paving the way for a more interactive and motivating learning experience for students, where learning becomes a dynamic journey rather than a passive act of listening. Using blended learning is the preferred methodology for OsloMet, where the power of simulations recently adopted by the university gives rise to infinite opportunities of engaging with the students in meaningful conversations about their choices, while making them become an active part of the creation process.


In conclusion, the OsloMet-Apprendly collaboration is on the verge of revolutionising the way students engage with their education. By harnessing the power of simulations, they are breathing new life into the classroom, fostering motivation, and redefining the concept of active learning. With each simulation, OsloMet takes a step closer to ensuring that the question "Anyone? Anyone?" becomes a relic of the past, replaced by a classroom buzzing with active, motivated learners.

Raluca-Mihaela Keeling
Marketing Director
Raluca is the Marketing Director at Apprendly. She is a passionate marketing specialist, with communication and language skills at her back. She loves writing, teaching, and investigating about innovative learning techniques. In her free time you might find her dressed like in the 20’s, dancing the dances of those times.


Education is a dynamic journey, often shaped by the enthusiasm and active engagement of students. Through their collaboration, OsloMet and Apprendly have identified that simulations serve as catalysts for motivated learning and active classroom participation. 

Direct effects:

By immersing students in simulated scenarios, educators can effectively bridge the gap between theory and application, nurturing their knowledge and practical skills.

More about OsloMet's methodology:

OsloMet normally incorporates a variety of learning methods in their methodology, nevertheless, the advantage extracted from the interactive learning tools is that they bridge the gap between theory and practice, making abstract concepts tangible and relatable.