January 13, 2023
    •   Written by 
Morten Zetlitz

A Quantum Leap in the Compulsory Training Led by Apprendly, Videocation and Nelfo


  • Compulsory training is revolutionized by transforming it into a practical experience that involves applying the electricians’ skills and vocation.
  • High efficiency when it comes to understanding, progressing, and completing the training tailored with the Apprendly Creator tool.
  • Mandatory training transformed into an engaging and enjoyable experience made flexible and suitable for electricians.
Realistic environments are key to creating an emotional bond and feeling identified with the situation.
Image from Apprendly Creator

“A new and engaging way to test yourself”
— Asle Antonsen, Daglig leder, Solland Elektro AS.


Electricians do compulsory training every year. They were using solutions that were either text-based or hour-long video classes.

The main issue was having to deal with too much information, dense theoretical material, old videos that explored repetitive situations the electricians were already familiar with, and a general lack of new challenging angles that could raise interest and awaken motivation.

The biggest pain about these training and evaluation methodologies is the type of audience they are addressed to. The electricians are practical and visual learners that engage much better in training that is tailored to their skills and abilities. The compulsory training that they were faced with up to now involved little practice and was perceived as a dull and unengaging task.


When designing a course for a specific audience, it is of high importance to adjust it to their particular needs, constantly updating it and adding motivation and engaging elements. With the Apprendly Creator tool, the new instructor is the video itself and the employees can now be subject to different challenging experiences and learn by doing in a safe environment.

electric panel, red lights signalizing
Facing risk situations in a safe environment encourages the user to experiment and learn freely, without pressure or added stress.
Image from Apprendly Creator

Apprendly, Videocation and Nelfo managed to transform dull training dedicated to the electricians into a practical exercise, meant to reduce the repetitiveness that they had been exposed to through the traditional training.  Moreover, they could test their own skills by using an avatar in an immersive space and obtain immediate feedback on their answers. This led to high engagement and not only learning by doing, but also enjoying while doing.

Dialogues, real time completion, multiple options are just a few of the rich visuals the users can engage with.
Image from Apprendly Creator

Together with Videocation and Nelfo, Apprendly managed to develop authentic content meant to depict veridic situations, creating a tailored solution to the mandatory training, that triggered motivation and engagement amongst the electricians.

Practical situations are the best way to apply the skills learned and remember the new concepts easily.
Image from Apprendly Creator

“The benefits of digital teaching are greater when you can try out what you have learned, under controlled conditions, in a digital world.”
— Kjetil Sannan, Fagansvarlig ingeniørtjenester lavspenning, Baneservice AS.


The solution developed by the 3 partners not only fits the target audience but also helps them learn by doing, with less theory and more practice.

Flexibility and ease of use regarding compulsory training ensure time optimization and a high completion rate, which drives successful learning.

The cooperation between 3 powerhouses has made the whole creation process enjoyable, enhancing great synergies:

  • Apprendly’s expertise in creating engaging content, blended with games techniques and mechanics
  • Videocation’s wide experience in dedicated courses adapted to different audiences
  • Nelfo’s track record within the electrical, ecom and elevator companies.

Serious games applied to the electricians’ mandatory courses have proven to be practical, safe, flexible and efficient by successfully putting skills into practice. Engaging, memorable and fast.

Morten Zetlitz
CEO & co-founder
Morten is the working CEO at Apprendly. He is an experienced designer with a passion for aesthetics and user friendliness. Morten spends his time exploring digital art, technology and the nature while hiking. You can of course find him playing games quite often as well, especially strategy and roleplay games.

Direct Effects:

  • Higher efficiency compared to traditional learning.
  • Engaging and enjoyable training, adapted to the electricians’ needs.

The Goal:

  • Finding an optimal solution able to meet the learning objectives and motivate the audience.
  • The mission requires flexibility, cooperation, and successful content development.


  • Learning by doing.
  • Learning in a safe environment.
  • Immediate feedback to the users.