September 7, 2022
    •   Written by 
Morten Zetlitz

Recognition, Reflection and Flexibility Become the New Learning Bases for the Leaders


  • Mandatory Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training is made flexible by adapting it to the different schedules and availability of the high leaders.
  • High effectiveness when it comes to completing on time the training tailored with the Apprendly Creator tool.
  • Learning is transformed into an engaging experience that resonates with the participants and transforms the whole learning process into an enjoyable activity.
Four people in the office having a meeting
 Simulations of the work environment, and behaviours that stimulate inclusion, diversity and equality, are only a few of the topics that can be touched on in game-based learning.
Image from Apprendly Creator
“We´ve experienced recognition and reflection in a way we haven’t experienced before. This solution addresses relevant dilemmas and situations in a way that feels very familiar. We´ve learnt a lot from the game, and most of us ran through it several times to see what feedback we got in the end.”
— Videocation


The compulsory HSE training dedicated to leadership was facing a high rate of procrastination, on account of lack of time, down prioritization, repetitive subjects and outdated presentation styles. This, together with very little flexibility in the methodologies, led to a loss of motivation to carry out the training on time and feel engaged when completing it.

Drawing lessons from the learning modules is the main goal of the training itself, but in this particular situation, the task became more of a chore than a mission, not to mention the added struggle with the lack of time of this particular audience.

What’s more, as a result of the pandemic, the working systems have taken a more flexible approach, with the objective of creating better harmony with the new lifestyles. The same was expected from the training methodologies, but this did not always occur, making it hard to keep the participants motivated and willing to complete the mandatory courses on time.

A man arriving late to a meeting in the office
Difficult conversation topicsled in a safe environment encourage the users to experiment freely and take onboard the learning derived from their own decisions.
Image from Apprendly Creator


Apprendly worked together with Videocation to develop an engaging solution for the leaders, who must take compulsory HSE training yearly. This innovative learning method, combining game mechanics with characters and situations from real life, shaped an entertaining solution able to meet the flexible needs of the leadership.

This led to a readjustment and reprioritization of the compulsory training for the leaders. Apprendly and Videocation realised that, if the managers benefit from this flexibility, it is likely that they will make the training fit into their schedules, also as a method of disconnection and decompression from other tasks, leading to enjoyment and relaxation.

Moreover, being able to take the training at their own pace, in their cabin or at their desk, represented a great incentive for the leaders in terms of completing the training on time and experiencing it as engaging and memorable, due to the captivating environment the user is immersed in.

Flexibility and ease of use regarding compulsory training ensure time optimization and a high completion rate.

Three people in a meeting room talking about work
Dialogues, real-time completion, multiple options are just a few of the rich visuals the users can engage with.
Image from Apprendly Creator 

Through these simulated experiences, where the leaders were provided with relevant multiple-choice dialogues, they were able to carry out the training quickly and efficiently. They were also put in the situation of enhancing self-critical thinking while going through the different answer options. Not only common situations were brought to their attention, but also critical conversation topics that are usually difficult to approach and tackle.


Finding personalised solutions for audiences with diverse needs requires flexibility, cooperation and successful content development. This was accomplished by understanding the challenge and working together with a strong partner, Videocation, towards an optimal solution adapted to the users.

Serious games applied to Health, Safety and Environment, and dedicated to leadership have proven to be an efficient way of carrying out mandatory training, whilst combining flexibility with enjoyment.

Morten Zetlitz
CEO & co-founder
Morten is the working CEO at Apprendly. He is an experienced designer with a passion for aesthetics and user friendliness. Morten spends his time exploring digital art, technology and the nature while hiking. You can of course find him playing games quite often as well, especially strategy and roleplay games.

Direct Effects:

  • Higher effectiveness in completing the training.
  • Enhanced motivation at work achieved through gamified training.
  • The participant is stimulated and encouraged to make decisions and learn from them.

The Goal:

  • Finding an optimal solution able to motivate an audience that permanently lacks time, to reserve and dedicate time for training.
  • Boosting willingness to repetition without perceiving it as a burden.
  • Making training flexible and engaging, while adapting the learning process to the user.


  • Learning by doing is wrapped in multiple-option answers and deployed in an immersive environment.
  • Learning about complicated conversation topics and how to tackle them in a safe environment becomes key to acquiring emotional intelligence and empathy as a leader.
  • Immediate feedback to the users results in optimised training time.