Acquire the best industry talents by constantly upgrading your HR team's competencies! The recruiter's training can directly impact your organization's productivity and growth. Talent recruiters can provide candidates with a positive experience and bring in excellent new hires during the recruitment process, which will, in turn, impact the business. That is why it is so important to constantly upgrade your team's recruiting skills.

Become an interviewing hero

Our simulation-based scenarios immerse the players in real-life situations, where they gradually learn about:

  • How to ask the right questions during a work interview
  • How to look out for non-verbal clues that speak about the candidate
  • How to give constructive feedback
  • How to make convert a stressful situation into a comfortable one
  • How to become better active listeners.

The key of the game is to prepare the HR team to deal with real-life situations that take place during interviews. This equips them with the skills they need for the recruiting area, making sure they are in line with industry developments, and that they attract and retain the top talent.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced

The game has three course modules:

1. Beginner level with a focus on the basics of interviewing and relevant information detection. 

2. Intermediate level with a focus on interpreting signs, gestures and the unspoken.

3. Advanced level where you train on emotional intelligence and learn how to detect it in the candidates.

Are you ready to become an interview champion?

With the Apprendly platform, the only acceptable answer is: "Yes, absolutely!"

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Game length

3 minutes



Main outtakes

This game equips the HR team with the best interviewing techniques that help any interviewee feel comfortable in a tensed situation. Moreover, it prepares the recruiting team to address relevant questions during the interview and makes them able to interpret non verbal communication signals.


In progress