Our onboarding game is designed to teach the art of welcoming new employees through interactive experiences. This game is about handling smart techniques and situations within HR that aim to captivate and keep the talent from the very first week they are in the company.

Turn into an onboarding legend

Our simulation-based scenarios immerse the players in real-life situations, where they gradually learn about:

  • How to appropriately introduce the new employee to the workplace
  • Efficient tactics on how to not over-saturate the new employee
  • How to give feedback
  • How to make them feel welcome
  • How to achieve the feeling of belonging

The key of the game is to help the HR team adopt methodologies and techniques that equip them to efficiently onboard new employees, making them feel comfortable and motivated from the very beginning. 

Beginner, intermediate, advanced

The game has three course modules:

1. Beginner level with a focus on the basics of onboarding of the new employee and introduction to the rest of the team.

2. Intermediate level with a focus on how to integrate the new employee into the the organization, introduce the systems, and an adapted training program.

3. Advanced level ensures that the new employee feels comfortable, included, and appreciated within a system that fosters a healthy work environment. Surveys on how to improve the onboarding model are part of this module.

Are you ready to become an onboarding legend?

With the Apprendly platform, the only acceptable answer is: "Yes, absolutely!"

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Game length

3 minutes



Main outtakes

This game equips the entire organization and especially the HR personnel to welcome new employees in the company and convert stressful moments into memorable experiences.