Basic First Aid

Learn the basics of first aid by handling different critical situations that refer to physical safety and saving lives. This course not only teaches you to save lives but also saves you 90% of the time compared to a traditional learning method. Efficiency guaranteed.

Become the master of first aid 

By training yourself the basics of first aid you can save lives. 

Our simulation-based scenarios immerse the players in real-life situations, where they gradually learn about:

  • What things to look for when trying to help the victim.
  • What to do in a general first aid situation.
  • How to keep calm under pressure.
  • How to call the right number.
  • How to ask for help.

Players are subject to various circumstances that test their ability to solve critical situations around them and prepare them for real-life circumstances. The learners are also tasked with identifying and addressing life-critical incidents that are meant to boost their reactions and equip them with the knowledge they need to successfully solve them.

The key to the game is to deal with real-life situations in a safe space where employees can train at their own pace and get familiar with the first aid techniques. 

Are you ready to become a first-aid hero?

With the Apprendly platform, the only acceptable answer is: "Yes, absolutely!"

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Game length

3 minutes



Main outtakes

This game equips the entire organization with the basic techniques of first aid and prepares them to tackle critical situations inside and outside the organization.