Customer Success

A time-based game where players are challenged with real-life customer requests. Learn the basics of psychology and communication while solving the puzzle that leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Turn customers into ambassadors

Our simulated scenario-based course trains employees, regardless of their prior experience, in the art of client-relationship management. Players are presented with real-life requests and challenges, making the course suitable for employees across the entire organisation.

Through role-playing exercises, players take on the role of a top-performing customer success representative and aim to maintain their status as the best. The course includes engaging dialogues and unexpected events that can test players' abilities and demonstrate the importance of understanding basic psychology in client management.

The ultimate goal of the course is to teach participants how to turn customers into ambassadors for the company. It's not an easy task, but it starts with mastering the basics of psychology.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced

The game has three course modules:

1. Beginner level with a focus on the basics of customer psychology.

2. Intermediate level with focus on and how to identify the customers' needs based on their psychology and approach to business.

3. Advanced level secures customer loyalty through purchase repetition and customer satisfaction.

Can you become a customer success expert?

With the Apprendly platform, the only acceptable answer is: "Yes, absolutely!"

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Game length

3 minutes



Main outtakes

This game equips the sales team with the tools they need to secure customer success, bringing general awareness of what it takes to drive loyalty and customer satisfaction.