Cyber Security

Skill up your cyber security using a fast-paced game where you handle incident responses and identify threats and vulnerabilities. Learn while doing and understand the implications of good security awareness in your organization.

Turn into a cyber security hero

Our simulated scenario training immerses players in real-life cyber threats and incidents. Players take on the role of an employee within an organization and are tasked with identifying and addressing various incidents. The course starts with basic threat identification and gradually increases in complexity.

With a total of 30 possible incidents to choose from, players will encounter 5 new incidents with each playthrough.

Our approach emphasizes the importance of enjoying the learning process and tackling a serious issue in an engaging way. Upon completion, players can compare their scores with others and are encouraged to replay the game and improve their skills.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced

The game has 3 course modules:

  1. Beginner level with focus on the basics of cyber and information security. Strong passwords, what is email security, how to identify threats.
  2. Intermediate level with a focus on social engineering and incident responses.
  3. Advanced level where you train on incident handling from a management perspective.

Are you ready to become a cyber security hero?

With the Apprendly platform, the only acceptable answer is: "Yes, absolutely!"

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Game length

3 minutes per module



Main outtakes

This game equips the entire organization with key knowledge points about the cyber security culture. It teaches the employees how to mitigate risks and tackle cyber issues when incidents occur.


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